Raspberry pi based video gear

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This page is currently being imported from the following forum post.

Raspberry Pi based video gear

Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board-computers that are frequently used by electronic and computer hobbyists. They serve many purposes, including generating video art. Raspberry Pi computers are capable of being both coded and wired to other electronic devices, which gives them versatility in video generation. There are many code-based video synths and other tools available for Raspberry Pi, but hardware is also necessary.

Hardware to get Started

  • Raspberry Pi 3B
    • Raspberry Pi 4s will not work
  • Raspberry Pi Power Cable
    • This should be 5.25v, otherwise the Pi will be underpowered
  • USB Keyboard
  • MicroSD Card
  • MIDI Controller
  • USB Thumb Drive
  • USB Camera
  • USB Input Device
  • Composite Output Cable

Basic Workflow

While each video tool has its own installation instructions, most of them follow one of these two workflows.


  1. Download the image of the tool
  2. Burn it to MicroSD Card
  3. Plug MicroSD into Pi
  4. Plug in hardware (USB Keyboard, MIDI controller, etc.)
  5. Power the Pi On
  6. Play


Having already done the slower method, you can now

  1. Download source code from GitHub to RPI
  2. Put download into "myapps" folder of openframeworks
  3. “cd” to openframeworks folder where app resides via terminal
  4. “make” via terminal
  5. “make run” via terminal