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  • - simple yet robust programming language developed with education in mind
  • OpenFrameworks - an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding
  • Software oscilloscope - source code available on GitHub
  • Pure Data - open source visual programming environment
  • Vector Synthesis - code library to output oscilloscope graphics from pure data (fb group)
  • REWEREHERE - max patch for Rutt-Etra style scan processing (fb group)
  • TouchDesigner - node based visual programming language for real-time interactive multimedia
  • Isadora - node-based interface for realtime video / projetcion / interaction - super simple to get started, tutorials
  • VDMX - VJ environment
  • Coge VJ - modular MacOS VJ software
  • r_e_c_u_r - open diy video sampler for Raspberry Pi 3, demo, fb group
  • Hydra - distributed, modular, browser-based platform for live-coding visuals (fb group, chat)
  • Signal culture app club - app series created in max msp for real-time video manipulation
  • Phosphortron - emulates the phosphor trails found in CRTs
  • Video_Waaave_2 - a video mixer, framebuffer delay, and feedback resynthesis engine built in openFrameworks, demo
  • Acid cam - open source app for coloring/glitching YT demo playlist
  • Modulaser - working with laser style visuals, demo
  • online reaction diffusion playground - experiment with the grey scott implementation of a reaction diffusion system in your browser
  • Vsynth - modular videosynth library for Max/Jitter.
  • Lumen - semi-modular videosynth app for OSX.
  • Magic Music Visuals - audio/midi/osc multichannel reactive visuals for Windows/macOS.
  • OBS - great for recording/streaming/compositing/feedback
  • Black Syphon - Syphon software to send and receive video streams to and from Blackmagic Design hardware
  • Syphoner - share the graphical window’s content of any open application and stream it in real-time, full frame, to any Syphon client applicaton
  • Syphon recorder - Record video from any Syphon application, and capture stills.